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Lifepro LP-GLTBLST 2-in-1 Sissy Squat Machine & Hip Thrust Machine

Lifepro LP-GLTBLST 2-in-1 Sissy Squat Machine & Hip Thrust Machine

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SHAPE YOUR HIPS & GLUTES - Perform various hip thrusts. squats. & lunges with impeccable form & build the booty of your dreams. thanks to GluteBlast Hip Thrust & Squat Machines for Home..BUILD UPPER BODY STRENGTH - Do planks. bodyweight exercises. included GluteBlast bands & the 90 adjustable handlebars for push ups of the home squat machine to effectively sculpt your upper body..TONE & SMOOTH YOUR WAISTLINE - With a premium adjustable padded seat that expands up to 5" from the base. the squat assist machine lets you safely sculpt your waistline & achieve your desired results..STRENGTHEN YOUR CORE & LUMBAR - Learn new core & lumbar exercises from the included digital training poster. and get the most out of your sissy squat & hip thrust bench..IMPROVE YOUR POSTURE & BALANCE - The GluteBlast sissy squat machine & hip thrust machine prevents spinal compression while training. relieving back pain & improving your posture with every workout.

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