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Drtung's Rejuv For Gums 100% Natural Gum Therapy - 1 Each - 1.7 Fz

Drtung's Rejuv For Gums 100% Natural Gum Therapy - 1 Each - 1.7 Fz

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FOR MANY GUM ISSUES: DrTung's REJUV for gums therapy can help with a whole range of gum ailments! Use DrTung's REJUV for gums to help revitalize. soothe and condition receding gums due to harsh brushing. tender. swollen or bleeding gums. ALL-NATURAL: This synergistic remedy contains 24 plants and botanicals like Eaglewood & Ficus Bengalensis known for centuries to help heal and strengthen gums. It is a holistic. balanced medicinal oil to nourish and strengthen gums naturally. COMPLETE PRODUCT: Unlike other products which only contain essential oils. REJUV for gums is a herbalized oil with 24 ingredients to target a whole range of oral health conditions. Formulated to help with receding. swollen. bleeding gums and even helps soothe cheek or tongue irritation. Contains organic and wildcrafted ingredients. REVITALIZING: This healthy gum therapy is made with organic sesame oil. which has antimicrobial affects on subgingival plaque. It also soothes. nourishes and conditions gums. ALLERGEN FREE: This all-natural gum detoxify formula is naturally gluten-free. preservative-free. alcohol-free and sugar-free. Not tested on animals. Made with organic and wildcrafted ingredients. It is the safe. trusted treatment for your gums.

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